Lifetime warranty
on every frame
Only the finest Japanese materials
Come visit us at our Flagship store
Each frame limited to 100 pieces
Craftsmanship born from decades of experience
Come visit us at our Flagship store

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Inspired by the past

RVS Eyewear was brought to life with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality to design that was put into eyewear of the past.


When we say hand made, we mean it.

Each RVS frame is made of only the finest Japanese materials in our signature matte finish while being equipped with our patented hinge system. Every detail on each frame is finalized in hand down to our signature hand painted red hinge screws and birth dates of each frame marked inside each temple at the date of production finalization making each piece a collectors items.


Handmade in Japan

Today RVS Eyewear is produced in Japan by Japanese craftsmen with years of tradition in the art of making eyewear to provide you with frames that will last a lifetime.

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